Waters Winery was founded in 2005 and located in Walla Walla Valley, Washington State. Walla Walla means ‘place of many waters’ in the Native American dialect of that region. Waters believes that the Walla Walla Valley terroir is capable of producing distinctive red wines that rival the finest of the Old and New World regions. The winery focuses on making refined Rhône and Bordeaux style wines.



Shortly after starting Waters Winery, former winemaker Jamie Brown partnered with Greg Harrington MS on 21 Grams, which is arguably Washington States ‘cult’ wine and has never scored below 91 points. Jamie also partnered with Greg to start ‘Wines of Substance’, a hand-crafted value brand based on the periodic table of elements that they eventually sold to Charles Smith.  Today we are focused on Waters Winery and 21 Grams which is the top of the wine in the Waters series. The winery has consistently been making the highest quality wines that deliver for well over a decade.



Choosing cool vineyard Syrah sites put Waters on the map using three distinctive sites; Loess vineyard at Leonetti Estate, Pepperbridge, and Forgotten Hills.   Always one step ahead of the game, the winemaking team has a knack for seeking out distinct vineyard sites that produce extraordinary wines from Washington State. Other vineyards include: Cold Creek, Canoe Ridge, Olsen, Patina, Antoine Creek, Alder Ridge, Seven Hills, Gamache, Old Stones, and Stone Tree.

Currently we work with our 30 acre estate vineyard at Windrow and our recently developed Waterstone Vineyard located in the “Rocks District of Milton-Freewater”.  This is a new sub-appellation of the Walla Walla Valley with a similar soil structure as the Chateaneuf Du Pape region with white river stones cobbling the vineyards.



All of our vineyards follow the European Vinea standard of sustainable vineyard practices and most sites are certified Salmon safe. No pesticides or glyphosates are used. The winery uses a mixture of warm and cool vineyard sites and prefers the use of fan trained vines especially in the warmer climates.



  • Waters Interlude
  • Waters Prelude
  • Waters WA Syrah
  • Waters Tremolo
  • Waters Cappella
  • Waters Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Waters Forgotten Hills Syrah
  • 21 Grams