Turning Tide


In 2020, we purchased a 17 acre vineyard that sits on gentle slopes outside the town of Los Olivos, California. This yet-to-be-named site provides us with Grenache and Mourvèdre for our Red Blend, two grape varieties famous for their hallmark blends from France’s Rhône Valley. In some years we choose the Verdelho off the property for the White Wine blend.  These grapes thrive in the red loamy soils with gravel and serpentine cobblestones in the shadow of the Santa Ynez Mountains in California’s Central Coast. The coastal fog has a cooling-effect on morning temperatures, allowing for a longer ripening period, lifting mid-day, imbuing these varieties with more depth of flavor without increasing sugars rapidly. The vines drink from an abundant natural clean water supply below ground. Since our purchase of the property, we have implemented sustainable practices, and the vines flourish.



  • Turning Tide Chardonnay
  • Turning Tide White Blend
  • Turning Tide Picpoul
  • Turning Tide Pinot Noir
  • Turning Tide Pinot Noir 375ml
  • Turning Tide Sauvignon Blanc
  • Turning Tide Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Turning Tide Revealed Rosé
  • Turning Tide Rare North Pinot Noir
  • Turning Tide Red Wine Blend

Alisa Jacobson

Owner & Winemaker